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Essentials with JD #435 **FIRST LADY OPENS GWANGJU BIENNALE 2018**


First Lady Kim Jeong Sook visited Gwangju on Thursday to attend the opening ceremony of the 2018 Gwangju Biennale.

Even in the rain, the First Lady gave a congratulatory speech saying North Korean art pieces to be revealed at this year’s biennale will help smooth differences between the two Koreas.

She highlighted that Gwangju has always walked on a path of justice and healed its pains with arts.


Kim visited a senior citizens’ center and children’s center in the City to keep her words to come back after her husband was elected President. She kept the promise she made during President Moon Jae In’s election campaign.

Gwangju Mayor Lee Young Seob was also there with various Ambassadors and diplomats from around the world.


How to get there – Take bus 83 or 419 or take a taxi to Gwangju Biennale in Unnamdong. Keep your ticket as it will allow you entrance to the ACC exhibition as well.

Shuttle busses are also available from Seongjeong KTX station, U – Square the Biennale Hall and the ACC and circulates daily. (Cost is 1000won and if you show the bus ticket at the ticket box you get extra concessions)