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Essentials with JD #438 **MERS UPDATES**


41384919_2283615601874023_3210668223343099904_nThe City of Gwangju said Monday that it is putting in all-out efforts to stem the spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

A man was diagnosed with MERS in Seoul on Saturday becoming the first person to be infected in South Korea since 2015. The City’s Mayor Lee Yong Seob, who is on a business trip to China instructed officials to thoroughly monitor those who had contact with the patient and to come up with specific plans to prepare for a possible outbreak.

The City officials engaged in a series of meetings to settle cooperative measures to react to the contagious disease effectively.Reportedly, there is 1 person in Gwangju who was on the same plane with the patient and 11 more who were in indirect contact with the patient.

The City is known to have put the direct contactor under isolation and 11 indirect contactors under close monitoring. The direct contactor has shown no symptoms of the disease while the government assigned local MERS treatment center is on standby just in case.

If travelling to areas with reports of MERS outbreaks avoid contact with camels or eating or drinking camel meat or milk.

Practice good hygiene by washing your hands often and covering your nose and mouth when sick or sneezing.

If you feel sick or display signs of the disease which include coughing, fever and diarrhea.