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Essentials with JD #443 **CHUSEOK BUS CHANGES**


The City of Gwangju will extend operating hours of its public transportation during the Chuseok Holiday from Saturday, the 22nd to next Wednesday, the 26th.

During the period, bus No. 518 connecting from Sangmu to U-Square Bus Terminal to May 18 National Cemetery will make 63 trips a day shortening its intervals.

Jiwon 15 Bus will change its route to pass through the City’s cemetery and Yongjeon 86 Bus will extend its course to the cemetery.


Some 70 city officials, police officers and exemplary drivers will be dispatched to the National and Metropolitan cemeteries to prevent traffic congestion while another 400 officials will be assigned to help ease traffic jams around the bus terminal, Songjeong Station and traditional markets in the City.



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