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Essentials with JD #456 **1000 YEARS OF JEOLLADO CONCERT ON SUNDAY**


If you didn’t already know the Jeolla Province in Korea , Bukdo and Namdo are celebrating its 1000th year of being founded. The region was named Jeolla in 1018, the 9th year of Goryeo King Hyunjong’s rule, taking the first letters of Jeonju and Naju.

There are many events happening during this year and if you are interested in a free concert featuring 10CM, BToB, Simon Dominic and more then head to the Hanul Madang at the ACC early tomorrow to get your seat for the concert!

In related news recently more than 400 members of the World Honam People’s Association visited the City yesterday in commemoration of the 1000th anniversary of the region’s foundation. The association is a gathering of representatives from 52 affiliated organizations in 24 countries.

On the first day of their visit, they travelled to Namwon in Jeollanbukdo and took a trip to Yangdong Market and the venues hosting the Gwangju Biennale.

Welcome home and to everyone lets have a great time with the 1000 year concert and also with the start of the Chungjang festival.