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The City of Gwangju is slated to have the first ever LGBT festival today.

The 1st Gwangju Queer Culture Festival proposed schedule

When: Sun. Oct. 21st 13:00 ~ 20:00

Where: May 18 Democracy Plaza

13:00 Booths

15:00 Parade

18:00 Main event

19:00 Party

As the first Gwangju Queer Culture Festival is going to be held on October 21st around May 18th Democracy Square at the Asia Culture Centre extreme conflicts keep going between the pros and the cons in the city.

The Gwangju Queer Culture Festival committee and some 33 related civic groups in the city held a press conference last week at Kim Daejung Convention Center, and said that any types of sexism and homophobia against LGBT must not be allowed, and added that they hope to host the successful queer festival in the Human Rights City of Gwangju.

On the other hand, Gwangju Council of Churches released a statement at Gwangju City Council on the same day, saying the queer festivals held in other cities sold some sexually promiscuous products and caused social problems, and added that the churches respect sexual minorities’ personality, however, they oppose hosting the event at the public square.

In addition, some May 18th National Men of Merits visited Mayor Lee Yong Seob and asked him not to allow this festival to be held at the democratic square of May 18th.

Will the opposition cause a juxtaposition into the true meaning of Democracy?

To ensure the safety of all participants the police will set up a buffer wall that will separate both sides to prevent possible clashes and injuries.

If you are attending please stay safe and report to the police if anything happens to you.