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Essentials with JD #474 **AIR PHILIP OPENS NEW ROUTES**


Honam based budget carrier Air Philip recently announced that it has secured flight slots to connect Muan International Airport to Incheon International Airport.

It is the first time in Honam to launch a direct flight to the country’s largest international airport.

The local airliner plans to provide 2 round trips a day on the route beginning mid-November.

Departure times from Muan are at 4:45am and 9:40pm, while flights from Incheon will take off at 6:30am and 11:20pm each day.


✈️ 에어필립 무안-인천 주 14회 운항! (매일 2회왕복)


✔️무안국제공항 출발

오전 4시 45분, 오후 9시 40분


✔️인천국제공항 출발

오전 6시 30분, 오후 11시 20분


Earlier in this month they also launched new travel routes connecting Gwangju and Jeju.

The new plane 3P1403 leaves Gwangju at 11:15am and makes one roundtrip a day.

Special fares are available while stocks last.

They are also planning to launch a Muan to Vladivostok route in next month.  


More details are available on the company website at <>.