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The Bitgoeul Love Sharing Kimjang Festival kicked off on November 22nd and will be run until December 16th for 25 days at Gwangju Kimchi Town in Namgu district.

According to Gwangju City, Kimjang, also known as a Kimchi Making Festival, was first held in 2014 to provide citizens opportunities to make their own Kimchi, and since then the event has grown in popularity with the local residents.

At the festival, the participants can make their own Kimchi by using the best quality ingredients at affordable prices.

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56,000 won per hands-on 10 kilo Kimchi making event, while completed Kimchi products can be purchased for 60,000 won including the delivery fee. Also, various Kimchi sharing events and performances will be showcased during the festival period.

The festival sourced the ingredients from local farms near the Gwangju and Jeollanamdo area, such as white radish cultivated from farms in Gwangju, and bay salts produced in Shin-an country and more. In addition the Kimchi dishes made at the festival will donated to help the underprivileged in the region.

As for the sales record of the festival, it was at some 44 tons of Kimchi in 2014, and has steadily increased to 140 tons at the festival held last year, and this year’s festival aims to see some 180 tons in sales.