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Essentials with JD #503 **GIC CHRISTMAS EVENT NEXT WEEK**


Christmas is fast approaching and the Gwangju International Centre will be hosting a special event next week. Add it into your schedule right now.


Enjoy a fun-filled day for everyone! Adios 2018 & GIC Volunteer Reunion!

As a thank you for your support this year, GIC invites you to join in our Adios 2018 & GIC Volunteer Reunion party!

○ Date & Time: Dec. 15 (Sat), 3-5 pm

○ Location: GIC 1st Floor

○ Programs: Experience #Christmastraditions: decorating cookies, making paper ChristmasTrees, ChristmasOrnaments, take part in the fundraising flea market for Cambodia, and taste international dishes! GIC Cafe, Performance & Final Report, NetworkingParty, and other additional events!

* Get a free coffee if you bring your own cup/ tumbler

○ Inquiry: 062-226-2733


#Adios2018 & #GICVolunteer Reunion“

○ 일시: 12월 15일 토요일 3시~5시

○ 장소: 광주국제교류센터 1층

○ 내용: #세계크리스마스 #문화체험 #크리스마스쿠키 꾸미기, #종이트리 만들기, #크리스마스방울 만들기, #크리스마스 엽서 꾸미기, #GIC카페, #캄보디아후원 #벼룩시장, #공연 및 활동보고, #네트워킹파티

※ 머그/ 텀블러 지참 시 GIC 카페 무료

○ 문의: 062-226-2733

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