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Essentials with JD #528 **SEWOL COMMEMORATIONS**


To commemorate the 5th memorial of the Sewol Ferry disaster (4.16.2014), Gwangju and Jeollanamdo are set to conduct a series of events to be held from this Saturday, the 13th to Tuesday, the 16th.

On Saturday, a cultural event will be held for local youth at the May 18 Democracy Plaza while from Sunday to Monday, a commemorative performance is prepared at the Gwangju Culture & Art Center and the May 18 Democracy Plaza.

The commemoration for the 5th memorial of the disaster will be conducted on Tuesday, the 16th from 4:16 p.m. at the May 18 Democracy Plaza. The event will look back on lives of the victims’ families and share Sewol generation’s life stories.

At Jindo’s Pangmok Port, a commemoration will be held from Monday, the 15th to Tuesday, the 16th. There will be a memorial ceremony and a debate session prepared.

At Mokpo’s New Port where the Sewol Ferry is currently placed, a memorial concert, exhibition and various other cultural events have been prepared.