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This Saturday marks the official start of summer at the Gokseong International Rose Festival with GFN’s Photo Contest.

Remember there are loads of money up for grabs just for taking pictures of you and your friends in the festival grounds.

The aim of the contest is to take great pictures of you and your team having a creative and fun day out in and amongst the roses and other facilities. Anything goes, as long as you can capture those amazing moments by the specified time.

The festival grounds feature:

  • a rose garden with 1004 varieties of roses in full bloom
  • A lake with Pagoda
  • Windmill and water fountain
  • Mini zoo
  • Food and drink stalls etc
  • And a working rail yard to add an amazing background to your photo’s.

Once the contest starts teams will be allowed to roam the grounds freely taking pictures of each other in the featured zones, trying to capture the specified ‘theme’ that they have been given’.

There will be 4 different themes and all you have to do is select the best picture taken in each of these zones.

For example : Capture the theme of ‘Love’ in the Rose Garden.

Once you have captured all 4 themes you can email them through to us plus 1 additional photo for the PHOTO OF THE DAY section.  This photo of the day entry can be any picture taken during the time the contest runs – it just has to capture the mood/ sense/ feeling of the Rose Festival. Therefore once time runs out all you have to do is email us 5 pictures.

Please note

  • Please make sure at least one member of your team has a smartphone on which pictures should be captured.
  • Your team’s 5 pictures will have to be emailed to us on the day, by the specified time.
  • All or most of the team members should be visible in all pictures that are sent through in your final selection
  • Internet enabled cameras are allowed – but we cannot assure you that free wifi will be available at the site, so a connected smartphone is your best bet!
  • SELFIE STICKS are allowed
  • Be creative, think differently and take some awesome pics of you and your team.

Who wins the money?

4 winning teams will be announced from the ‘Themed’ section and will win

100 000 won each. (1 winner per theme)

In addition 5 teams will be selected as winners in the ‘Photo of the day’ by public vote

Here are the prizes:


1st Prize : 300 000 won (X1)

2nd Prize : 200 000 won (x1)

3rd Prize : 100 000 won (X1)

4th Prize : 50 000 won (X2)

These extra’s are also thrown in:

  • Free transport to and from the Rose Festival
  • Free meal/ drinks after the contest ends
  • Free T-shirt
  • Coupons experience Rose themed arts and crafts which you can take home with you

Easy right? And you can be one of 9 teams that will walk away with money money money for taking some selfies and crazy photo’s

Enter now by going to and click on the poster of Gokseong Rose Fest Contest on the home page. (Deadline is Thursday 21st,  3pm)

Also make sure to join the Facebook page for regular updates and ideas on how to make your pictures the best.