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Essentials with JD # 190 **D-10 UNIVERSIADE UPDATES**

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10 Days that is it! Till the biggest sporting event of the year right here in Gwangju! Are you ready? Are you excited? By now you should have seen the streets brighten up with flags, posters and banners on street lamps. Yip just over one week to go till the opening ceremony and a fun sporting atmosphere here in Gwangju.

Below follows some updates about what has been happening in the news regarding the Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015. And remember athletes/officials are expected to be arriving as early as this Friday. Yip this Friday. So get ready to welcome some new faces to the crowd.

Firstly remember tickets are still on sale so make sure to get some to check out these pre -Olympic stars as they battle it out for Gold. or at the call center by dialing 1644-9446 or 1544-1555 (in Korea). news notes that “ According to the city of Gwangju, some 13,244 athletes, sports delegates and referees have filed applications to take part in the upcoming event, marking the largest figure in the history of Universiade. With entries still being taken until June 26th. This is when when the worldwide athletes will begin entering to the athletes’ village prior to the beginning of the games.

Regarding the opening and closing ceremonies the universiade site states that,
“ The opening and closing ceremonies will have Korean celebrities representing Korea’s tradition and pop culture, including actor Joo Won, singer U-know Yunho of the duo TVXQ, popera singer Lim Hyung-joo and many more. The two ceremonies will proceed under the Universiade’s slogan of “Light Up Tomorrow,” and the sub-themes of the opening and closing ceremonies are “U are Shining” and “Sharing the Light,” respectively. The opening ceremony, taking place on July 3 at the Universiade’s Main Stadium, will introduce Korean contemporary culture to young athletes from around the world. The Korean alphabet of Hangul will be briefly introduced and the Universiade’s key messages of “Life” and “Love” will be delivered to the participating athletes and officials with Korean traditional music.The closing ceremony will be held on July 14 two weeks after the start of the games.

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It is all very exciting and I hope you are gearing up for a fun few weeks in Gwangju and remember to check out for the most up to day info regarding the Universiade as well as other local news that might affect you during the games. Also catch a nightly broadcast Monday – Friday 19:50 until 20:00.