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February Streets

February Streets


Well, we have made it to the February edition of local street photography on the photo blog. If you remember last month, we had a break from the usual figure-centric street images with only necessary visual hints at human habitation. But, have no fear, this month brings us back to basics with an image of several folks at a local hof.  There are few clues as to what is being said. However, the subjects’ facial expressions give away a distinct emotional discord. While one seems to chide the other into an inevitable verbal if not physical backlash, the faint shapes of several others can be seen in the background between them. However, their obviousness to the couple exists to lighten this awkward moment for the viewer.

I relish scenes like the one above for the sheer amount of emotional complexity contained within one rectangular frame. This image was underexposed to compensate for the subdued lighting in the hof. As such, it imbibes an earthy tranquility, and pays modest homage to the master of underexposure, Roy Decarava himself. I find myself wondering what these two are doing now, and if they even remember the night this image was taken. Perhaps that is where the beauty lies in street photography. Those most random of moments, easily forgotten yet somehow able to memorialize the mundane. It remains a necessary task.


[Image taken using my Nikon FE2 with a 50mm f1.4 shooting Kodak T-max.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)