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Fire next time.

Fire Next Time


Today marks the cyclical lengthening of our days. Hidden within the early dusk this afternoon are the seeds of much longer days to come. For a moment, these thoughts may bring comfort when remembering the vast possibilities of the world at its seasonal inverse. I think there are times to remember where we are not, and also moments to be grateful for where we are. Choosing which one best suits this pre-Christmas, post solstice weekend pause is entirely subjective, and it should be. For, this is a time of faded light, and memories with them that will soon dissolve into what we know as “this year.”
The photo above references several of these competing emotions. The warm scarlet glow on the evergreen trees at dusk is comforting, as if a holiday wildfire is poised to sweep through their tired, brittle branches. However, this light also reminds me of that cast on the wall adjacent to the fireplace in my childhood home. It was this time of year when the wood would be stocked and waiting to accompany the mixed holiday moods surrounding it. Perhaps also, my family would have plucked away one of these trees’ younger siblings to adorn a far corner of the room, safely away from any curious shards of the fire. This scene has that warmth that is both alienating and comforting all at once. In that, it resists any effort at prepackaged meaning. Rather, the emotional qualities it offers forth may only be betrayed by the giftwrap chosen for its presentation this Friday. In that, I hope to have done it justice. Merry Christmas fellow Gwangjuites!


[Image taken with my Nikon FE2 shooting Velvia 100.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)