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Gwangju People Lee Han Yeol

On July 9th 1987, one million and six hundred people attended a national funeral in Seoul and Gwangju. People were mourning for a man whose name is Lee Han Yeol.


Lee Han Yeol. He was born in Hwa Soon Jeonlanamdo in 1966. When he entered Yonsei University, he learned about the May 18th Gwangju Democratic Uprising. And then he started to study about democracy and became a democratic movement activist.


On June 6th 1987, he joined the protest with all the university students in Seoul, but a tear gas canister was fired at his head and he passed away on July 5th. He was only 22 years old at that time when fought for the democracy of Korea. His death made Koreans more angry and led to the June Democracy Movement (6월 민중항쟁) in 1987.


Through his fight for democracy in Korea, he helped open the door to make Korea a fully democratic nation. He is a patriotic man, and he is a true treasure of Korea.