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Gwangju Tip #3 Jump In Puddles

Tip # 3 Jump in puddles              

puddlesHowdy folks! On this rainy day, I realized that my original idea of walking to my evening destination, was pretty well shot. A walk in the rain can be lovely while there are dry clothes waiting for you at the end of your journey, the idea of sitting in damp clothing holds little appeal. At first I felt a little disappointed, I’d prepared for this outing. I put new (to me) music on my phone to help keep me in the spirit of movement, and was really excited to enjoy a nice leisurely stroll followed by dinner. Rather than let that disappointment get me down, I decided to change my plans a little bit. And that brings me to this week’s tip.

One of the first things that I learned when I moved to Gwangju was that in summer you need to have quick and reliable access to 2 things always. The first is a fan and the second is an umbrella. I’ve since added a third thing, a pair of wellies (rain boots, wellingtons, rubber boots, billy boots, galoshes or gum-boots whatever you call them).Rain boots

Now that may seem silly to some, but I did this because of the smiles I kept seeing on little kids. Have Puddle welliesyou seen the way they smile when they get into a pair of super cute rubber boots? They know that they’re about to cause a frightful mess, and that making the mess is going to be fun. Taking a giant step as you’re approaching a huge puddle and then jump stomping into the middle of the puddle…on purpose (this part is very critical to the having fun part). You’ll find yourself grinning, smiling, giggling, and even laughing out loud. The world is so absurd and serious at times, so take a moment and do something silly…jump in a puddle, twirl, do a little dance, make a funny face; have fun with life.