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July Streets

July Streets


The photo above represents the July installment of local street photography. This photo leaves few doubts about where or when it was taken. Most locals might recognize the buildings in the background as being staples along the primary drag in downtown Gwangju. Additionally the leaves on the Ginkos surrounding the frame tell us that summer is in full bloom, and that the rains have just arrived. The action taking place at the center of the frame though is slightly more elusive in regards to the ‘what’, and perhaps ‘why’ in this snapshot of summer street life.

Barring larger context from the surrounding buildings, we can only assume that these are sadly not  the world’s largest saltines, and are more than likely some sort of insulation panel for a structure which as yet has no way to keep the heat out, or later on, in. The parallel lines which make up this beastly shape are helped by its strikingly yellow-ish appearance to set it apart from the rest of the scene. As such, our eyes are drawn to it not unlike the half a dozen or so eyes from its supporters.

Upon looking further, the shape seems helpless and childlike, not unlike an orca on the last leg of its transport from its native pool at Seaworld to the terrifying depths of an alien ocean beyond. As such, this is a sensitive scene with an energy worthy of our continued attention. And, all this at eight o’clock on one July morning along one of many otherwise unobserved streets in this town we likely call ‘home.’


[Image taken and made with a Contax T2 shooting Afga 200.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)