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Last, but not….

Last, but not...


It has become a tradition of sorts to review the year ending through a quick glance back at the photo blog’s recent posts. When collaging together the photos above, I looked back at moments gathered from the past year, and the emotions which came along with them. At the time, I had felt a hefty dose of optimism for the year ahead. There were trips to be taken, applications to write and most importantly, photos out there waiting to be made.

Now, looking back at the past fifty plus weeks, I feel a sense of subtle ownership for the struggles and accomplishments which have taken place over this time. When settling into a retrospective view of the recent past, those insecurities seem legitimate, yet all the more a product of an idea of the future which needed to bend towards what could not be seen. As the Gwangju Blog takes a break, these sentiments seem all the more relevant. As the photo blog draws to a close, I am left to wonder at what the year ahead will bring for life in Jeolla-do, and of the many stories yet to be visually told.

Thank you all for sharing your support, feedback, and stories you’ve shared over the past four years. During my tenure writing the photo blog, I have come to appreciate this weekly ritual. It has helped me stay open to what may occur behind each unseen bend in the roads in and around this part of South Korea. There are many photos yet to take in this dynamic, contradictory, yet ultimately beautiful place. Therefore, may we all meet the year ahead with eyes open to what Gwangju visual culture has to show.


With gratitude,

Marty Miller