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Left Unsaid.

Left Unsaid


Some things are better left unseen, unsaid, and merely hinted to on most occasions. Often, we photographers are drawn towards what chooses to exhibit itself. I personally notice this habit on many days. When beginning a day, or hour of wandering at the ready, my eyes are often drawn to that which is begging for attention. If shooting with a digital camera, a finger usually obliges and the shutter button does its thing.

I realize that this point will likely be preaching to the choir, but, value can be found in waiting for a moment or several longer after the appetites that desire our camera’s gaze have been satiated. Then, we may find the magic which points the way towards a truth that we, or I personally, desire through my images. Often, it seems as if the most we can do is take photos of those road signs pointing the way to what cannot easily be imaged. However, if photographing these long enough, our camera undoubtedly finds its way into the unknown, what does not necessarily seek the lens.

Much sooner than later, we picture-takers will not need hotpacks or Gore-Tex gloves to withstand the elements around where we live. As such, I usually find myself a slow waker from this relative hibernation. The images I take are often of what I have not seen for weeks or months, simple things. However, reviewing this work in mid-spring, usually reveals only a few gems within hundreds of cliché images. However predictable, these nevertheless serve as signposts towards what I hope to find in front of me as our city stumbles headlong into Spring.


[Image taken with a Nikon FE2 with a 35mm f1.4 shooting Portra 400.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)