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Looking Up.

Looking UP


It is not March, and only two weeks from the Spring Equinox. For parts of Jeolla province, the transition to warmer climes can already be sensed, if not quite yet seen. If in the mountains to the east however, this feeling might still be purely conceptual. As such, I was struck with a slight dilemma this week, namely, to which audience does one visually cater. The indecision such an experience unleashes has the potential to incapacitate or at the very least confuse the photographer slash writer. As such, this week’s photo attempts to find a happy medium by retreating into the metaphysical.

This photo was taken near Go-heung on the southern tip of the peninsula. Yet it could also represent a more urban setting. Pointing skyward, the camera reveals an inner harmony to the lattice-work of the structure. Like pagodas or if on the north-American continent, Giant Sequoias, these towers accent the mountains on which they’re found. This particular structure was perched at the apex of a small mountain, itself the dominant feature on a small island a kilometer off shore. While it is possible to see the structure as merely the messenger, a prop on set for a larger bio-electric show, closer inspection reveals a hidden architecture within. On this particular day, the wind was bitingly cold, much more-so than expected for such a southern local. However, the structure was indeed willing to reveal its secrets. As such, it had just one simple request, one that if met could be applied to a myriad of scenarios. For, where it be chaotic politics or a stubbornly persistent winter, the structure lent a simple reminder to those of us willing to simply look up.


[Photo taken with a Fuji GA645 shooting Ilford Delta 400.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)