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Make the Most of 1,000 Won at Daein Market

What can we do with 1,000 won? Bus fares costs more than 1,000 won and, no matter how long you wander around the supermarket, there are not very many things you can buy with 1,000 won. But Daein Market is different.

Your 1,000 won goes a long way there. It’s enough to buy many food items, such as noodles, fries, or coffee. First of all, there is a ‘1,000 Won Café’ where you can try a cup of Americano for 1,000 won.

This is quite a good deal as the café uses the Italian coffee brand, Lavazza. It will begin operation from next month, opening at 7 p.m.

Also, the ‘1,000 Won Café’ sells various Gwangju-related souvenirs, ranging from T-shirts, Mug, Notes, Post Cards, and Pens. In addition, Daein Market’s landmark restaurant, ‘Sunrise Restaurant’ is also a must-go place for the visitors to the market. ‘Sunrise Restaurant’ became popular after its introduction on a TV program.

The owner, Ms. Kim Seon-ja, who experienced major failure in business and subsequently had to go for days without eating, opened restaurant.

Full meals go for a mere 1,000 won. Currently diagnosed with cancer, Ms. Kim is no longer able to run the restaurant, but another merchant at the market took over the operation and, with the help of donations from market merchants and others in Gwangju and different cities, it has survived.

Perhaps the most popular attraction in the market is the ‘Marketplace Noodle Restaurant’, which features a 1,000-won noodle dish with broth (but the Bibim Noodle dish that costs 2,000 won is also a popular). Also, a side item of 3 hard-boiled eggs sells for only a thousand.

The summer vacation that you have all been waiting for is here. As much as you wished for time off, what will you do on the busy streets downtown?

Why not take a stroll over to the nearby traditional Daein Market and enjoy the most reasonably priced vacation fare in town. For 1,000 won you’ll have a “grand” time!