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Managerial Regulations for Gwangju Blog

Managerial Regulations for Gwangju Blog

Thank you for visiting Gwangju Blog. For amicable operation of the blog, we follow the policies and regulations stated below.

  • Purpose of Gwangju Blog

Gwangju Blog aims to provide various information about life and culture in Gwangju Metropolitan City and furthermore to enable interactive communication among bloggers.

  • Introduction of the Writing Staff

Gwangju Blog is composed of people with passion for the city.

With the Editor in Chief, the writing staff consists of resident foreigners who love Gwangju and people with available internet access who’d like to participate in the blog.

Once you sign-up as a team-blogger, you are free to participate in Gwangju Blog as a writing staff.

  • Comment/Track-Back Policy

Gwangju Blog is opened to those of you who’d like to post comments.

Gwangju Blog aims to achieve the spirit of Web 2.0 – openness, sharing and participation, in order to provide an interactive channel among the users.

Written content that is deemed inappropriate for Gwangju Blog – unnecessary profanities, violations of an individual’s privacy and postings for advertisement purposes, will be deleted.

If you’d like to post advertisement of any sorts, please e-mail

Your respect for the readers of Gwangju Blog will be much appreciated.

  • Copyright Policy

Gwangju Blog respects Creative Commons 2.0 Policy. Distribution and display of content is only available under such terms;

– If the content from Gwangju Blog is re-distributed, then the author of said content and Gwangju Blog must be credited.

– Gwangju Blog is a non-profit website. Use of its contents for profit-making is prohibited.

– Content from Gwangju Blog is not to be deviated.

  • Visitor’s Private Information Policy

Users can visit Gwangju Blog and access written content without providing private information.

Gwangju Blog’s server automatically recognizes the information sent from user’s browser.

Such server log holds information on an user’s web request, an address of visited website, a protocol address, a pattern of browser/language, date and time for the visit/posing and cookie.

Such collected data will be used to advance blog activities among users.

Gwangju Blog gathers and saves information on user and user’s computer by an internet form called ‘cookie.’ Cookie is a small-scaled file consisted of characters, which enables the saving of a browser on user’s computer on one’s first visit to the website.

  • Service Information

Any feedbacks/inquiries are welcomed for the advancement of Gwangju Blog.

We will be putting our utmost efforts at all times for amicable communication between bloggers and readers.

Your opinions can reach us via visitor’s comment, track-back and email (

Managerial policies states above can be altered for blog’s betterment. We will make a public announcement when a change on our policy is made.

광주블로그를 방문해주신 여러분들을 진심으로 환영합니다.

Thank you for visiting Gwangju Blog.

– Gwangju Blog Administrator –

  • Doug Stuber

    2012 Laureates prize of the Federation of Russian Universities for Scientific
    and Research books in Russia has been won by Kuznetsov, Katyshevtseva, and
    Stuber for “Modern Russian History.” It is the Research Laureates Prize winner,
    for 2012. A total of 4,983 books from 1,297 institutes of higher education were
    in the running. Four areas were nominated: Humanities, Technological, Law, as
    well as Economics and Administration. Laureates are chosen in each of the four

    books from outside Russia were also part of the competition. Books from Great
    Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan
    were also submitted for the prizes.

    Of these only 85 received nominations in the field of humanities (the short list) for the prize.Ivan Kuznetsov, Helena Katyshevtseva and J. Doulgas Stuber won the Prize and are 2012 Laureates of the Russian Federation of Universities.

    is Professor of history at Novisibirsk University (Since 2009 named the
    National Research University).

    is a Professor of history at Izhevsk State Technical University named after M.
    T. Kalashnikov (Glazov Branch)

    Stuber is a visiting Assistant Professor of English at Chonnam National University.

    The book was published by the Chonnam National University Press.

    This National Book Award is the highest Award achieved by any of the authors to date.

    Stuber is a poet, artist and musician but mostly a professor. He has been at Chonnam National University Since March, 2008.

    • Admin

      Excuse me, but is there a reason why this comment is posted here?

      • Doug Stuber

        I figured it was news.

        • Admin

          Please email or contact Michael Simning to report news that you would like to share with the blog. This page is here to cover the Managerial Regulations for the Gwangju Blog. Thank you!