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March Streets.


March Streets


For the March installment of local street photography, we actually leave the open air of many downtown areas throughout Jeollado. While heading indoors, we nevertheless keep a perspective which hints at the unconventional viewpoints found within past iterations of this monthly segment.  Taken in the hills east of Jeonju, the photo above offers only hints at the action happening within this social setting. Reflected on the floor, we see the hazy outlines of a dozen or so figures. Our eyes are brought to these sketched figures from the reflected lights overhead which dot the floor in a concave V-shape. Together, the form the strongest highlights within an otherwise mute-toned scene, and allow our eyes to rest from hunting for more action which this image does not provide.

If you have been involved in the art scene in Jeollado, you no doubt have witnessed a scene like this. A large group of visitors at an exhibition opening surrounding a table with snacks, itself flanked by paintings on the surrounding walls. The scene above was provided by a small museum gallery in the hills outside Jeonju, and was no exception to the rule. However, the familiarity of such scenes offers still chances to reflect on what we tend to notice when we have seen the same street, the same house, the same neighbor countless times before. Often, our eyes find a way to reflect a need to delve deeper, past labels of the mundane. Either that, or we run, taking a new road home. Whichever we choose, the streets we travel are tools within the process of photographic awakening.


[Image taken with a Ricoh Gr V]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)