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May Streets

May Streets


It is now the end of May. The odd morning still brings with it the slightest of chills. However, the hard, reflected light downtown most mornings can’t betray the fact that summer is mere weeks away.  This light brings with it a subtle cool blue ambience to these streets. When exploring this area at this time, unassuming imagery tends to intrude upon our view more so than it would under softer light. Blues, greens, and a multitude of hues in-between are especially prone to such conditions.

On this early morning two weeks ago, our eyes rest easily upon the figure central to the scene above. An upper-middle-aged local man has paused during his morning commute to inspect the local vegetation. For what reason, we cannot be sure. However, his pointing to a small object left obscured from the camera’s point of view seems important enough to warrant his full attention. While taken with a relatively wide 28mm lens, our eyes are conveniently brought back to his ‘7’-shaped figure by terminus of the streetlight’s shadow to the right of the frame. Additionally the receding raised line supporting the hedge to camera left unsure that our eyes do not stray too far from our unassuming subject.

Overall, neither the subjects nor their actions betray the fact that late May is upon us. However, that early morning light so reminiscent of a time with winter behind, yet with the monsoons not yet on the horizon is what breathes a temporary relevance to this image. Just like this man, it allows us to be as interested in the small things which surround us as May draws to a close.


[Image taken with a Ricoh GR1 shooting Afga Vista 200.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)