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Happy Lunar Year everyone.


If you are staying in Gwangju this Lunar New Year, here are some more options for things that you can partake in.


Asia Culture Center ( ACC downtown) is having a themed interactive exhibition all about the Year of the Dog. (2.13-3.25 2018)





Children’s Seollal games at ACC  (2.15-2.18)




Various folk Museums around town will also be partaking in traditional events for Seollal. Partake and enjoy. Please do double check dates and times.


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Stay safe and healthy,



(Photo’s courtesy of Gwangju City  Hall)




Happy Lunar Year everyone.


If you are in town for this holiday long weekend here is a great cultural event that you can partake in at the GIC – Gwangju International centre. Join them today 15th or tomorrow 16th for a wonderful mix of cultures and traditions including delicious foods from Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Korea.

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Have fun and may you be blessed 새해 복 많이 받으세요.  




(Information based on information provided on Gwangju Facebook page)




Happy Lunar Year everyone.


Just a quick FYI as to staying safe and healthy during the Lunar New Year holidays. As you might have noticed most of the health care facilities and pharmacies might be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or they might run on limited hours.


If you have a severe emergency please do not hesitate to call 119 ( emergency services) or 112 which will get you through to the police. You might also want to make your way to the emergency facility at bigger hospitals in the city for treatment.


Also as it is prime season for the spread of colds and flu take care by staying warm, drinking plenty of water and washing your hands regularly.


Gwangju City Hall has also released special information to help curb the spread of Norovirus which has seen a rise in infections in the past couple of weeks around the country.


Please remember :


Norovirus is highly contagious and typically peaks between the months of December and April.


*Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and, on occasion, a low-grade fever.


To prevent being infected or to limit infections:


1.Wash your hands regularly or carry hand sanitizer.


2.Keep your hands away from your face, mouth, nose and eyes.


3.As you prepare food, wash your hands frequently — especially right before serving anything to others.


  1. If you display symptoms of the virus try to limit preparation or touching of food as you might spread the virus.


  1. Use appropriate cleaning methods and store food at proper temperatures once it has cooled down.


You might also want to limit your intake of raw or undercooked foods especially meat and seafood. And remember to stay hydrated.


If symptoms persist please consult a doctor or visit your emergency room during the Lunar new year time.


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Stay safe and healthy,





Essentials with JD # 323 **MEMORIES OF SNOW**


The snow yesterday was quite something and proved to be quite a beautiful walk from Sajik Park towards the Asia Culture Centre, downtown.


Hopefully that was the last of the late snow as the weather is set to warm up this week into Seollal and the weekend. Even though daytime temperatures will increase and melt the snow, night time lows will be below zero which is prime time for slippery ice to form.

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Do take care and be safe out there.


Stay safe,



February Streets

February Streets


Well, we have made it to the February edition of local street photography on the photo blog. If you remember last month, we had a break from the usual figure-centric street images with only necessary visual hints at human habitation. But, have no fear, this month brings us back to basics with an image of several folks at a local hof.  There are few clues as to what is being said. However, the subjects’ facial expressions give away a distinct emotional discord. While one seems to chide the other into an inevitable verbal if not physical backlash, the faint shapes of several others can be seen in the background between them. However, their obviousness to the couple exists to lighten this awkward moment for the viewer.

I relish scenes like the one above for the sheer amount of emotional complexity contained within one rectangular frame. This image was underexposed to compensate for the subdued lighting in the hof. As such, it imbibes an earthy tranquility, and pays modest homage to the master of underexposure, Roy Decarava himself. I find myself wondering what these two are doing now, and if they even remember the night this image was taken. Perhaps that is where the beauty lies in street photography. Those most random of moments, easily forgotten yet somehow able to memorialize the mundane. It remains a necessary task.


[Image taken using my Nikon FE2 with a 50mm f1.4 shooting Kodak T-max.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)