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Essentials with JD #458 **WIN 1 MILLION WON SINGING KPOP**



전국 외국인 케이팝 가요제


GFN is hosting a ‘Foreigners KPOP Singing Contest’ targeting foreigners residing in Korea during the Wolchoolsan Chrysanthemum Festival.

Anyone can apply and sing Kpop songs (Korean Trot songs preferred / 트로트 우대) on the special stage in Yeongam-gun,  Jeollanamdo.

Preliminary Round

–  Date : October 24th – 25th

–  Place : GFN Studio

*If you can’t attend, please send your video clips to

Final Round

–   Date : November 11th, Sun

–   Place : Yeongam-gun. Jeollanamdo (Chrysanthemum Festival Area)

How to Apply

–   Download an application form and send it to

–   Deadline ; October 24th


–      1stPlace : 1,000,000 won

–      2ndPlace : 300,000 won

–      3rdPlace : 200,000 won (2 teams)

–      4thPlace : 100,000 won (2 teams)

–      Popularity Award : 50,000 won (2 teams)

Don’t miss out this chance to win 1,000,000 won in the first place!

Total prize money sums up to 2,000,000 won

Go Find & Follow our instagram @gfnkpop

Contact No. 062) 460 0947





让具有KPOP歌唱实力的您尽显锋芒。(*트로트 우대)



地点:GFN 制作室




地点:全罗南道 灵岩郡(菊花庆典举办地)


发送申请到 报名即可







人气奖:5万韩元 (两组选手)


Start practicing



Family Reunion

Family Reunion


The afternoon meal has long since been eaten. The evening has not quite yet arrived. The kitchen and dining room occupied by the scurry of bodies preparing the evening meal, several folks head outside. In the courtyard the sun rests its elongated rays along the low wall surrounding the family homestead. A young boy, his father and uncles take long moments to acclimate themselves in this new environment. It is much of what their stuffy house is not. Having just woke up from a long afternoon nap, their shared moments seemed effortless.

Such a scene was set last weekend while visiting a family gathering east of Gwangju. All members had not yet arrived. Therefore, the scene was mellow, surprisingly sober, and infused with an expected ambiance. They live at the end of a long country lane in the crux of a valley in Muan. Rather sheltered, the light only reaches the home for a brief period each day. However when it does, it shines bright. This is a metaphor which I’m sure fits the atmosphere many adults feel when returning to their childhood homes.  As the photo above shows, this feeling is also one which can be felt from the reflections of a moment perhaps more than front-and-center. The photo allows for just enough of a nostalgic rendering of what is unseen yet deeply felt. In doing so, the image allows our memories to fill in the gaps it leaves. Within these gaps sits the complicated love we often feel about where we are from. However, when the moment comes, we may also squint into the sun, exhale, and take in such faded surroundings in a new, brilliant light.


[Image taken with a Ricoh GR1 shooting Kodak Tri-x 400.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)





As you know, due to the Typhoon and rain the Chungjang Festival was postponed and officially opened today. Most activities will happen in Chungajang Ro as well as the May 18th Democratic plaza of the ACC.

Festival will run from today until the 9th which is Hangeul day , a public holiday.

Here is an updated schedule:

  1. Parade : 2-5pm
  2. Reform your jeans event : 2-6pm
  3. Pro Wrestling – 4-6pm
  4. OPENING CEREMONY : 5:30-7:30PM
  5. GPOP FESTIVAL : 8-10PM featuring DIA, Soya, Little Psy, Park Ji Hee, Hyangi and Hey Miss


There are also many other features including a talk concert, food, outdoor camping and more.

Just go downtown. Buses will be rerouted to a stop nearby. The best option is to take the subway to Culture Complex station.

Don’t forget the 1000 year celebratory concert is also happening from 5pm -10pm on the Hanul Madang!

0-3Enjoy the memories and create new ones


Here are some visuals on the changes.

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Essentials with JD #456 **1000 YEARS OF JEOLLADO CONCERT ON SUNDAY**


If you didn’t already know the Jeolla Province in Korea , Bukdo and Namdo are celebrating its 1000th year of being founded. The region was named Jeolla in 1018, the 9th year of Goryeo King Hyunjong’s rule, taking the first letters of Jeonju and Naju.

There are many events happening during this year and if you are interested in a free concert featuring 10CM, BToB, Simon Dominic and more then head to the Hanul Madang at the ACC early tomorrow to get your seat for the concert!

In related news recently more than 400 members of the World Honam People’s Association visited the City yesterday in commemoration of the 1000th anniversary of the region’s foundation. The association is a gathering of representatives from 52 affiliated organizations in 24 countries.

On the first day of their visit, they travelled to Namwon in Jeollanbukdo and took a trip to Yangdong Market and the venues hosting the Gwangju Biennale.

Welcome home and to everyone lets have a great time with the 1000 year concert and also with the start of the Chungjang festival.






43225740_565901607177619_7790331124525301760_nDue to the arrival of the rain associated with Typhoon Kong-Rey many festivals planned for this weekend have either been postponed or cancelled.

Gwangju’s Chungjang Festival has postponed its opening ceremony and street parade to Sunday. You can join in from 2pm on Sunday. Camping will also happen on Sunday and Monday. Please check local sites for updates.

  • Accordingly bus routes will also change so please note that you will be rerouted to nearby stops.
  • The Daein Night market has also been cancelled for tomorrow and will return next week.
  • The Yangrim Dong Traditional Market has also been cancelled and will happen next week.

Other festivals are also being called off so please check for more updates.

Regarding the typhoon, according to the Korea Meteorological Agency, the Gwangju and Jeonnam region, are expected to receive 100 to 300 millimeters of rain until Saturday, and up to 500 mm in the mountainous areas.

Typhoon and high wave advisories have also been issued in waters off Muan, Hampyong, Younggwang and Jangsung counties and Naju city. Wind speeds of 15 to 22 meters per second are expected throughout the day for the Gwangju and Jeonnam region.

43137882_565901650510948_4010335891988938752_n 43037149_565492487218531_5680704916000079872_n

42992008_1218436831642219_221184278803775488_n 43085699_1960606960699028_8115466724427431936_n

Stay safe and dry,