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People You Should Know in Gwangju…2017 Award Nominees

Hey all! This week I have the Michael Simning Community Builder’s Award Nominees. These are the people that have been nominated for this award a few words about them from their nominators.

Michael Simning

Michael Simning

Name: Vanessa Reid Kim, Vanessa’s kindness is only surpassed by her dedication to her family and community. Her passion for childbirth education extends past mere book knowledge and is almost tangible. Her judgement free encouragement has turned possible nightmarish situations into the most memorable and life changing experiences for the mothers of Gwangju.

Name: Dr.Soumitra Kundu, He has created Cricket team of Bangladeshi students, He organised several Bangladeshi national events, He joins most events as volunteer in Gwangju Events such as GIC Day, 무지게 다리 (Rainbow Bridge Festival)/ 5.18 Events / 세월호 운동/UCC(Universal Cultural Center) various events. The major intercultural organizations such as GIC ,Unesco, UCC and 5.18 foundation gets his helping hand for Gwangju Community activities.

Name: Sarah Hale President of Adopt a Child for Christmas – she basically did everything, from fundraising, to buying and wrapping presents, to delivering, to organizing Christmas parties. It has encouraged the expat community to give back to the Korean community through donations and Christmas presents for orphans.

Name: Rob Smith In addition to being a key member of the animal rescue operations in Gwangju there are several other ways that Rob has contributed to making Gwangju a better place for all of us. He is an admin for the Gwangju Facebook page… he has been part of the Adopt-a-child for Christmas effort every year for several years now as well, and is currently the treasurer of that effort. He is also a well known face around the city and always does what he can to make new members to the Gwangju community feel welcome. 

2015 Community Builders Award nominees

Name: Ryne Santos, Ryne is responsible for bringing Pecha Kucha to Gwangju. Though it’s still in the process of growing, Pecha Kucha has encouraged the Gwangju community to speak publicly about things they care about in an interactive and challenging way. Ryne is an all around cool guy who is one of those special types who can connect with literally anyone over just about anything. I couldn’t think of a better person to run something like Pecha Kucha.

Name: Lisa Crone, Lisa has organized rescues of animals and works hard to organize people to go out and help. She has brought people of the community together and built.bridges with the Korean community. I think she is a good example of how to be a caring person.

Name: Anastasia Traynin, Ana provides assistance and information through the Gwangju International Center. The Gwangju International Center is a vital part of the Gwangju community. Without it, things like the Gwangju Art Class and the Gwangju Performance Project would struggle to exist. Considering how dependent the Gwangju community can be on the Gwangju International Center, Ana has done a lot of great work by promoting the GIC while going above and beyond to take part in other community activities. She’s a pretty fantastic human being.

Name: Monique Dean Onyema, Monique has been an amazing co-president of the GPP, overseeing the theater company during some of its most challenging and well regarded community productions to date. Under Monique the GPP has furthered its transition from an amateur expat theater company to a prestigious non-profit arts organization. The shows have become more professional, budgets have become bigger, and the community has become more inclusive.

2016 Community Builders Award Finalists

2016 Community Builders Award Finalists