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People You Should Know in Gwangju…Sarah Hale

This week’s person is one that many will already know from her work with Adopt a Child, Open Mic night, Trivia, or just a familiar face from one of the expat haunts here in Gwangju. She is a finalist for this year’s  Gwangju Community Builders Award.  Here, in her own words, is Sarah Hale…a person you should know in Gwangju.

Sarah Face

Photo courtesy of Sarah Hale


What’s your occupation?

Dongshin University Professor

Your hometown…

Phippsburg, Maine USA

Length of time in Gwangju…

Five years

My nickname is…

Mean Sarah, but I don’t know why? har har har….

The show I am most likely to binge watch is…

Man Seeking Woman (It’s very surreal and quite funny)

The food I make that I am best known for is…

Zebra brownies, bacon brittle, and Chinese cabbage salad.

The best discovery I have made in Gwangju is…

The mysterious fish restaurant downtown that I swear disappears at night.

On my days off I like to…

Cook while listening to podcasts.

What is your surefire way to beat the blues when you are feeling homesick?

Put on some classic country and pour a stiff one. Who hurt you Patsy Cline?

What is your favorite game to play?

Cribbage or Backgammon

GIC Day Sarah

Photo courtesy of Sarah Hale

Describe your dream day in Gwangju…

Hanging out with old friends and meeting newbies in any one of Gwangju’s social hubs. *cough*Speaks/Tequilaz*cough*

Do you belong to any clubs or community organizations in Gwangju?

I work on Adopt-a-Child for Christmas which fundraises to provide Christmas gifts for the orphans of Gwangju (there are over 700 kids here). I also volunteer at Sungbin Girls Orphanage biweekly and help fundraise for them. I helped found Open Mic at Tequilaz with Daniel Wallace and Nik Trapani. I also run the Trivia Night at Speakeasy.


Photo courtesy of Sarah Hale

Photo courtesy of Sarah Hale

What business/organization do you run in Gwangju?

Refer to above. There are a few.

What is the thing you wish more people knew about your business?

You are more than welcome to help out with any of them! We need you! Feel free to message me on FaceBook.

What is the most useful thing your business does for the people in Gwangju?

They all provide a space for expats and Koreans to get involved with their community together.

How do you and your business fit into the community?

I don’t run a business. All I try to do is connect people who need help and people that want to help make our community one of the best in Korea. (I feel real corny about this answer!)

Photo courtesy of Sarah Hale

Photo courtesy of Sarah Hale

What are some future plans that you have for your business/organization?

There will be a ton of fundraisers coming up either for or running through the organizations I work with. I am aware that the fundraisers seem a bit much at times but we try to make them fun for you and it is always a good cause.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Hale

Photo courtesy of Sarah Hale