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Prolonged Moment

Prolonged Moment


There is not much to say about the photo above. In it, a relatively familiar countryside landscape is pictured. However, while it does not distinguish itself in subject, it nevertheless captures a moment of beautiful summer sun, a sublime twenty minutes before the sun set over the ridge beyond and bathed this cloudless sky in a subtle pink hue. The air was relatively still, and behind the buildings above, a country road ferried the odd driver on her hurried way from Naju to Mokpo.

In the slowness of summer, this photo need not represent just a fraction of a second. Rather, it can be indicative of a slightly elongated moment, perhaps even twenty minutes or so. This image captures that space when we might just be hot and still enough to notice the beautiful golden rust on the smokestack in front of us begin to glow then fade as the sun began to set to our right. We might also notice how even the rain-soaked trees from a day before no reflect a soft yellow glow in the warm haze.

Just as it began, this elongated moment no doubt ended without pomp or obvious fanfare. It was just another moment of prolonged transition from one light to the next; a moment, now, worth its weight in pixels.


[Image taken with my Contax T2 shooting Afga 200.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)