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R.I.P Michael Simning (1974-2014)

It is with a heavy heart that we here at Gwangju Blog break the news of Michael Simning’s passing. There is no doubt that he was the most prominent expat in Gwangju, and we will miss him for the rest of our lives.

Mike Restaurant

Years ago, Gwangju Blog was started by Michael with the goal of helping out the English speaking community in Gwangju. Since then, he has shaped both this blog and the expat community what they are today.

We will continue to fuel Michael’s legacy by doing our best to fulfill his goal of making this blog and the city of Gwangju into a positive experience for as many people as possible.

Outside of the blog, Michael was many things. He was a businessman who was the brains behind some of the most beloved expat-friendly spots in town. He was a warm radio personality on GFN’s City of Light who had the ability to make even the shyest people laugh and speak comfortably on air. He was a great friend who was always willing to share his best qualities to make those around him smile. Most of all, he was a loving husband, father, and son to a beautiful and supportive family.

Gwangju will not be the same without him. His short time here has impacted so many lives in a positive way and, even with his passing, will continue to do so.

Rest in peace, Michael Simning.
June 4, 1974 – February 28, 2014
Beloved son, husband, father, and friend.

Mike Eunsol

For information regarding funeral services, and to read more about the impact Michael has had on the expat community, please visit the First Alleyway’s Facebook page.

There will also be a special remembrance broadcast for ten minutes at 6:10PM on City of Light, Michael’s radio show. Please tune in to GFN at 98.7FM to check it out.

  • Anna BV

    Thanks for this. There can’t be enough tributes for a man of his caliber. He’ll be so very missed.

  • SeongJun Mo

    I can’t believe this. It’s so sad.
    RIP Mike. You’ll be missed.

  • Mijeong Choi

    Rest in peace Michael. I have huge respect for you. You are such an inspirational person.

  • Zak Cates

    I regret not getting to know him better than I did. He was always so nice, helpful, and friendly. He will definitely be greatly missed.

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  • Memories of Mike

    – Boobs and Bacon –

    Boobs and bacon! Beer, and belly laughs.
    The mover and shaker; Gwangju heartbreaker.

    He’s the happy guy over there in the corner /
    Sharing a joke and taking your order,
    In the Hawaiian shirt, with the cutest daughter /
    Ready to smile and sharing the laughter.

    Boobs and bacon; beer, and belly laughs.
    The mover and shaker; Gwangju heartbreaker.

    He’s the happy guy out getting it done /
    Making the scene and having the fun,
    In the Star Trek T with the coffee to run /
    And now he will be forever young.

    Boobs, bacon and beer, and belly laughs.
    The mover and shaker; Gwangju’s heartbreaker.

    He’s the chatty guy with something to say /
    And a thought and a plan and a willing way,
    In the gap-toothed grin and the smiles that say /
    Good god it’s good to be alive today.

    Boobs, bacon, beer, and belly laughs.
    The mover and shaker; life celebrator; community maker; orphan
    care-taker; straight-talking risk-taker; Big C scrapper; bra-strap snapper; Gwangju

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  • Lee, Jaeyoung

    I never met him but heard him a lot. I do not know how to say but to pray fro him and his family. May God bless you Michael and your family.

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  • Nancy