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July is nearing its end, and with it brings a midway point for the summer season. In such a sticky in-between, it seems that slowing down is a good way to cope. However, with long days, I find myself out and about, enduring the still, thick air in exchange for the plethora of sounds, smells, and colors around my current residency in rural Jeollabuk-do. On such days, I readily click away when the mood strikes. Yet, am not without the tools needed to relax in the shade when needed. It is a pace dictated by moments of non-thought and carnal bodily perceptions.

On such a day as described, I came across the scene above. In it, we see a farmer’s truck-of-sorts, stalled and waiting along a dirt road in flowering valley. With an exposed cab and engine, calling this machine a truck does not quite fit the bill. However, the position I found it in signified the season more so than its shape. It seemed content in its haphazard position, waiting for nothing in particular. The contraption seemed at peace with its predicament. I could not help but feel similarly standing there, hands bathing my old Contax (camera) in body salts. There was no escape. Only surrender to what was. Within that shared experience, the vehicle sits above. It is honestly stalled, a perfect expression of late July in Korea.


[Image taken with a Contax T2 shooting Kodak T-Max 100.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)