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Stocking Up

Stocking Up


This photo shows the best of late autumn, and hints at what may be to come. In it we can see the hard light of late afternoon making the highlights subtly pop on the chunks of tree stacked in forest shack. Perhaps driven by memories of the years extended chill, these logs are signs of what we expect from the winter ahead. In this state though, the wood looks utterly peaceful. Most of us likely know such moments. The sun is setting through the newly bare trees. The evening wind has yet to pick up, and we are left there in an unexpected stillness. Lasting just minutes, these moments seem elongated, drawing us into a serene, but ultimately temporary space.

Already on the sides of the photo we can see the shadows encroachment on this wood. The site will be dark soon enough. Small gusts carrying undeniable hints of winter chill will soon be felt. But for now, this moment proves enough. We can feel the warmness of the multi-toned faces of the logs as they point towards the remaining sun. Yet to tap our stored memories of the summer, this is a moment that is still real. It might be enough, this stocking up. We will find out soon.


[Image taken with a Ricoh GR1 shooting Agfa APX100. Coming from Shooting mostly T-max and Tri-x films by Kodak, I was surprised with the results from this film. It seems to allow more shadow detail while still pumping the contrast. The grain also has a different character than the more common ‘T’ grain or Tri-x “looks”. So, if finding a stock, be like a squirrel and stock up.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)