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Summer Beach

Summer Beach




It has been a season since a local beach photo has appeared here on the photo blog. However, this early summer sun does little to distinguish the photo above from one taken just weeks, or even months before. In that sense, this seaside location in Jeollabuk-do keeps its location hidden in time and perhaps space as well. For if looking up where the sea meets the sky, we can make out just the slightest hint of an island in the distance. As dozens of islands rest within eyesight along the south-eastern coast of the peninsula, this photo could have been taken at one of countless isolated specs of sand wedged between outcroppings of pine-covered rock.

The length and state of the bamboo pole itself hints at its use as a flagpole, or perhaps other bit of fishing paraphernalia. Resting as it is, just out of reach of the encroaching tide, it will likely find its way to another isolated cove farther down the coast. As it is, in this fraction of a moment, it is perfectly marking a transitory edge. Marking temporary lines between arbitrary distinct regions is something that I often come to this beach to forget. However, on this day, such molestations became easy fodder in the approaching dusk. What better way to work with the predestined haze of summer.


[Image taken with my Nikon FE2 and a 50mm f1.4 lens shooting Ektar 100.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)