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After six great months of writing for the Gwangju Blog it is sad to say that I will be leaving Gwangju to go travel around South East Asia while working on my Master’s Capstone Project.  It has been a wonderful experience and privilege to share my life with all of the Blog readers over the past half a year. I will certainly miss writing my weekly column, but I am excited to go and explore more of Asia! Reminiscing and reflecting on my wonderful times here in Gwangju will certainly make it a bittersweet moment when I head off to the airport.


Boryeong Mud Festival– Review about the World’s Biggest Mud Festival

1st Birthday Party– My experience with Doljanchi

House Warming and July 4th– A wonderful experience with a Housewarming party and celebrating the 4th of July

Interview with a visiting Professor– Traveling to a country and teaching for 6 weeks provides a great outside persepectice

Top Places to Watch the World Cup– Or just all around great places to watch Sports or eat/drink

BMK, 박완규, 최성수 Concert– A magnificent experience and concert from BMK and a few other artists

Screen Golf– Screen golf is a great time to spend with new or beginner golfers

Housewarming– Going to an housewarming party outside of Gwangju was a beautiful experience

Interview– with local CNU English Professor

Team Building and Beer Call– A choose your own beer bar with a huge selection

5 Ways to Enjoy Soju– I guarantee you haven’t tried all of these ways yet

Student Life– My experience studying my MBA here in Korea

Club Ibiza- Interview with Travvy G about his experience DJing at Club Ibiza

Sports Directory– Want to get involved in some Sports? This is the perfect directory from soccer to juggling

Studying in Korea– My Malaysian Classmates Perspective

Cherry Blossoms and Picnics– Best places to picnic and enjoy the Cherry Blossoms

National Geographic– Review of the photography exhibit

Dog Cafe- Visiting the dog cafe in Gwangju

Spring Time– Motorcycle trip to Mudeungsan Mountain

Gwangju Freecycle– Great organization for donating used clothes and other items

Membership Training- MT or Membership training at a nearby resort

Expat Life– Life of Expats in Gwangju

Club Life– Reviews of some of the best clubs in Gwangju

Chonnam Back Gate– Eat and enjoy the Chonnam back gate for under 10,000 Won

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