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The Crooked Trail: Stopping for Supplies

Every week, in writing these articles, I’ve been lucky enough to be drawn to some unique and amazing places. From plumbing the depths of diving pools to scaling the heights of the mountainous borders of the city, through ice rinks and arcades, it’s been a lot of fun putting these articles together. There are a couple of loyal companions of mine that have suffered severely in my extensive search for awesome activities around town: my shoes and pants. Whether you’re filling your weekends with 20 km hikes or simply taking a weekday stroll down the halls of the office, it’s easy to forget how much damage apparel takes until it’s full of holes. When that happens, it’s time to replenish the closet.


Being of a shape and size quite uncommon in Korea, shopping for new clothes and shoes is on par with trying to locate the holy grail and when I do find something that fits, it tends to lean towards the unfashionable and horribly unprofessional (yes, I love camouflage stretch pants but… just, no). Luckily, Sejeong Outlet in Sangmu has a great selection of brands on offer, many of which would be recognizable in just about any country. One of my favorite highlights is the Levi’s jean store. Though jeans here are a little more expensive than they were in the west, they carry a surprising variety of styles compared to most local brands at a decent price point.


For folks looking for shoes, the outlet in Sangmu has you covered as well. First, the ABC Mart is a fair choice when looking for casual but comfortable shoes in a variety of sizes. This is one of the only stores I’ve found in the entire city with shoes up to size 300 (I can’t say they had many, but they did offer some). Next, New Balance is a great stop for runners. Being more of a mountain biker than a runner, this shop doesn’t sit at the top of my list but I appreciate having the option. There are many other shops ranging from high end formal shoes to a variety of sport footwear.


Beyond standard clothing and shoe shops, the Sejeong Outlet has numerous sports apparel shops, including an MLB and NBA shop, as well as a shop that sells not just golf clothes but also golf clubs and bags. This came as a bit of a shock after seeing countless sports clothing shops but never any sporting goods so seeing a golf supply shop came across as truly special. To finish off a trip to this expansive complex of shops, there are a few restaurants and coffee shops, including Gran Piatta and Elysia seafood buffet.



Shopping has never been high on my list of things to do but the Sejeong Outlet, located at the northwest exit from the Sangmu subway station, makes this errand a little easier and more pleasant. Having a gorgeous outdoor courtyard with a beautiful view of the western city, especially in the evening, adds even more to the pleasure of visiting this unique but somehow familiar commercial center. Maybe the Sejeong shops aren’t always the cheapest option but it’s hard to find such a myriad selection of styles and sizes while not being nearly as busy as some of the better known and more centrally located stores. When your soles get worn out, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to some fresh boots on the crooked trail.

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  • Tembo

    Do they also have wide shoes there?