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The Week After


The Week After


This photo was taken several months ago before the onset of winter, and most likely before the year ahead was a significant presence in our lives. However, what it reveals are temporary remnants from a transitional space. Taken at the beach at low tide, the sand contains both naturally formed and human-made items. The gun with the shells, the shells with the stone, the stone with whatever else asks to visually share this muddy beach bottom. However, when framed, snapped, and reproduced online, these disparate items find themselves somehow at home within their new confines. As such, they are artifacts of a particular time and place, one which contained its own emotions, grief and hopefully optimism to boot. As we look back upon them, they speak to the environment which created them, yet also begin to fade as the time in which they were relevant inevitably leaves us.

Having looked around nightlife and pension areas the past week, I noticed how quickly the remnants from recent holiday and calendrical transitions fade. While these visual reminders may linger for days or perhaps weeks afterwards, they nevertheless represent a time which we cannot stay within. These infant days of 2018 may allow us a foothold in both past and future ideals of self. However, within weeks, we will no doubt allow the new year to become as many have been before, another year to live as well as we can, and another winter to remember what makes us value the present.

Happy 2018 everyone! Thank you so much for your feedback and support for the photo blog over the past year. I hope we all live the year ahead with untangled senses, open eyes, and if possible, a camera at the ready.


[Photo taken with my Nikon FE2 and a 50mm 1.4 ai-s lens.]


(Image & Text by Marty Miller)