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Washed Up.

Washed Up


The photo above could have no better title. Nor could it better express feelings of solitude, surrender, and perhaps helplessness better than it already does. While these feelings may be prevalent, they need not carry with them an implied negativity, or animosity towards the scene. We may see ourselves in the white mass of net and brine above. Dragged in from the depths, we can see where we once were, and where we now have landed.

There is a peace within the plight of the subject in this photo. There is nowhere else it can be apart from where it is. What good is there to wish otherwise? All that it can do is wait for the inevitable tide to return, and wash it out, back into the unknown. When viewed from this lens, this image is one of great possibility. There is faith in the inevitable, and surrender to what is, in the moment.

This photo was taken at dusk at a landscape which is beautifully stark. It is the winter, and in it no space for any other lifeform. What better time to remain alert for those surprises which wash our way. Or, if we see ourselves in this hunk of white matter, what better time than to just be here. We live in Jeolla-do, and for this week at least, this is what is. It is enough.


[Image taken with a Contax T2 shooting Kodak Ektar 100.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)