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Where to Eat Wednesday: Jungfrau

With the heat of summer in the air comes those warm thoughts that remind us of summer loves from the past and the present. Due to this influx of romantic feelings, people seem to be on the hunt for new, romantic spots to impress their special someone with. For those of you that may be looking, I’d like to introduce you to a lovely place called Jungfrau (known as Yungpeulau by the locals).


I went to Jungfrau with a few friends on what could best be described as a platonic double foodie date. Gwangju Blog’s very own John Crook was kind enough to introduce me to the restaurant after having noticed it during one of his many outings. When we got close enough to our set destination, I could see just how the place got his attention. Sitting comfortably on top of a hill, Jungfrau looks more like a cozy wooden cabin than a restaurant. I can only imagine how beautiful the place is during winter.

Outdoor SeatingMenu

After my group made the trek up a set of wooden steps, we were a little overwhelmed when we saw how nice it was inside (we were dressed like bums). The restaurant was full of paintings, statues, decorative lights, cozy looking chairs, and so many bottles of wine. The place was quiet and had a nice, romantic atmosphere, making it the perfect setting for a nice (foodie) date.

Bread & DrinksSoup

Once we were seated, I browsed through the large menu, curious as to what a nice place like this had to offer. As expected, most of it was Italian food. While none of the menu options were cheap, I appreciated the wide variety of offerings ranging anywhere from lobster to pizza. Being the hungry person that I was, I decided to order the Pizza & Pasta Set (meant for three people) to share. The set came with soup, my choice of salad (Caprese), pasta (Gambero), pizza (Quattro Formagi), Tiramisu, Lemonade, and an option of Tea or Ice Cream to go with dessert. My guests also ordered their own Seafood Risotto and Carbonara.

Caprese SaladGambero

Shortly after we placed our orders, our waiter was quick to bring us each a glass of lemonade and some warm bread with the usual olive oil and balsamic vinegar combo. We also received our soup, which came housed in a thin layer of pastry, as well as our salad. I didn’t think much of the soup (which was a little sweet for my tastes), but the salad turned out to be quite nice, despite being a bit complicated. The slices of juicy tomatoes and fresh mozzarella were complimented nicely by a drizzle of a thickened balsamic glaze, but I think I could have done without the olives. The sprouts on top also seemed to be a poor substitution for the basil that’s usually found in this salad, but it didn’t take too much away from this overall tasty salad.

Seafood RisottoCarbonara

Before long, our pasta dishes arrived. Our pizza joined the party soon after. As the food came out, we couldn’t help but giggle at the side of kimchi they had given us to eat with our meal. My Gambero pasta was basically made up of spaghetti noodles and shrimps that swam in a savory cream sauce. While good, it was pretty standard when compared to other Italian restaurants in the city. The same could have been said for the Seafood Risotto and the Carbonara. Our pizza, on the other hand, was a flavor packed delight. On top of a thin, slightly crispy crust sat five different types of cheese (mozzarella, gorgonzola, granapadana, emmentaler, fontina) and ribbons of basil. The fancier cheeses were sliced thinly and placed in a way where they could be enjoyed separately, making each slice of pizza a different and unique experience, rather than an overwhelming one.

Quattro FormaggiBread & Drinks

Though it took a while, we managed to finish everything on our plates, looking forward to the promise of dessert during those last few bites that weighed heavy on our tightened waistbands. After the wait staff cleaned everything up, they offered each of us the option of coffee, tea, or ice cream. I chose green tea while the others chose coffee and ice cream. Along with our final decision came the Tiramisu. Arranged adorably on a plate were four little pieces of cake sitting next to little slices of pineapple. The size of our dessert was perfect for how full we were, offering that right amount of sweetness to finish dinner on. The cake itself wasn’t anything too special (a tad bit dry for me), but I did like the fact that the sweetness and the coffee flavors weren’t too strong.

All in all, Jungfrau was a pleasant experience in terms of food and decor. While the dishes we ordered weren’t too special, I’m sure the fancier, more expensive options would have been worth spending the extra cash on. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a nice, quiet date. If you do plan on bringing someone special here, try to arrive at around sunset, as the large windows offer an amazing view of the city at around this time. Also, when the weather gets a little cooler, keep in mind that the restaurant does offer outdoor seating.

Address: 광주 남구 방림동 358-9 (located between Yanglim Humansia 1 and 2, across the street)
Phone: 062-653-4800
Average Price Range: 18,000+ per person

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