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It is the twentieth of April, in all honesty past the point of no return for most flowering trees in the Gwangju area. It always seems so brief in retrospect, those few days when certain trees break from their monotonous molds of winter. I have been lucky enough to stay adjacent to one such tree the past few years, a flowering Cherry which makes its unique presence felt for just long enough for me to know what I’ll soon be missing.

The density of this tree, when seen from an adjacent window is something to behold. With window shut but blinds open, the interior walls are seem bleached, abnormally highlighted against an otherwise slight brownish tint to the fading wallpaper. When waking up in this place, the overly highlighted walls can trick the mind into thinking that a layer of snow waits outside. The light, reflected and diffused through the pink-white pedals provides that shimmer of expectation just the same.

After four long months of winter, this whiteout was truly welcome, and is an experience which I have for just a day or two each April. This is a brief ritual, but worth the otherwise uneventful journey to this place. Despite all the dramas which no doubt will accompany the year ahead, for the briefest of moments, last years were whitewashed in fine fashion.


[This photo was taken with my Nikon FE2 using a Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro lens. There are three shots here, multiple exposures done in camera. The film is an old cinema film Kodak Vision 3 250D, which was kindly respooled and resold for use in 35mm cameras. Thank god.]


(Photo & Text by Marty Miller)